About US

We give you time to save your travel just for vacations!

Since over 8 years ago we were indulging our customers with opportunity of shopping for the very best selected items from all the increasing majority of Turkish manufacturers.


In the hectic buyers life they did always appreciate our experience and analytical services which were helping them to select best-selling products for their business.

We are a company in our own production. Our sales are made in wholesale. We can guarantee the quality of the products, the published stocks and the delivery time of the orders. We produce products that meet the needs of our customers in different styles and fabrics in different countries around the world.


Then main policy of our company is to stay up to the changing environment and follow the changing market needs where we can offer our products and the best services possible online on our website Our young team of passionate about what they do professionals will always be delighted to provide an ultimate shopping experience and unconditional customer satisfaction.